Welcome to Tirupati Nightwear

A few years ago, an enterprising individual had a vision to start a store that offers quality nightwear to one and all. So, in the year 1993, in the city of Rajkot, Tirupati Nightwear came into being. Comfort and a huge variety and range are what make the store a unique one.

Imagine a store that exclusively stocks only sleepwear and loungewear; it is like a breath of fresh air as you don’t have to deal with a regular lingerie outlet that deals with everything…from innerwear to active wear. Besides, mostly in such stores, there is a limited variety of nightwear available in every way. That is where stores such as Tirupati Nightwear score over these regular ones.

Started by Mr Shailesh Vithlani, the brainchild behind the store, Tirupati Nightwear is located in the heart of Rajkot city. The story of this unique store started in 1996 and was an idea, which was out-of-the-box. The concept was to deal exclusively with nightwear and loungewear, which was unheard of 29 years ago. After the phenomenal success of the first store, they opened a second one in the year 2016 on Dr Yagnik Road. And since, it has been unstoppable with a mix of interesting experiences and newer ones everyday.

Our branches in Rajkot.

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